History of HCW

HCW started in the summer of 1973, reviving the Hope Cove Regatta which had taken place for many years, but stopped in 1950. The weekend was run by local hoteliers in the village in 1973, but realizing the considerable work it required at what is always a busy time of the year, a committee to run the weekend was formed in 1974.

The whole idea of the weekend was to have a great family fun time without it being too hard on Mum & Dads pocket! Families have been coming to HCW year on year, many now come with their children, grandchildren and perhaps great grandchildren!

Excellent weekends have occurred each year over August Bank Holiday since 1973 with considerable help from the organizing committee, locals and our excellent volunteers.  Many thousands of visitors have enjoyed the weekend tackling everything from the tug of wars, kayak races, pasty eating and then simply enjoyed the village and all it brings.