About Hope Cove

Set on the glorious South Devon coastline and is home to some of our finest holiday cottages. Sheltered by the dramatic headland of Bolt Tail, our village is historically divided into two communities, Inner Hope and Outer Hope, both with their own beautiful sandy beaches.
From Hope cove one can explore the Heritage Coastline with its many bays and rocky headlands, making sure to enjoy the unique local fauna and stunning views.

Hope Cove was once a smuggler’s haunt and has witnessed over 30 ship wrecks in its time including that of the ‘San Pedro’ in 1588, a foreign galleon ship wrecked during the botched Spanish Armada’s attempt to invade.

In fact, Hope Cove was the only place where the Spaniards came ashore during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Many buildings in the area still bare the hallmarks of this visit, as numerous homes are built with beams taken from the St Peter the Great; a Spanish Galleon that foundered on the Shippen Rock in 1588.
Other famous wrecks include HMS Ramilles wrecked on rocks at Bolt Tail in 1760 in which tragically 700 people were lost at sea. In April 1936 the 334 foot four masted Finish Barque: Herzogin Cecile, ran aground on the Ham Stone.

To find out much more about the rich history of Hope Cove, visit the Fishermens Reading Room in Inner Hope over the weekend to see the exhibition displayed by the Hope Cove History Group!